Activities in Whistler


Whistler Bikepark is the best bikepark in the world.
Beginners, Pros, and everybody will love this park and its experience.
This is what comes to my mind if I think of Whistler Bikepark: Dedede shuuup braaaaap fuuooo
-“quite, because so much airtime“- Dog braaaaap braaaaop braaaap.
If you want to know how to save money and how to get most out of the bikepark, check out the Bikepark Guide
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Axe Throwing:

In Whistler Function Junction at Forged Axe you get the most canadian expierence, you will ever get: Axe Throwing.
Axe Throwing is way easier than you think. After a couple of throws, you will have the hang of it.
Watching yourself get better in throwing and learning tricks is very cool.
For $38 CAD an hour, it’s definitely worth a try.

Forged Axe Throwing Whistler

Coast Mountain Brewing:

After the Axe Throwing, you can have a couple of beers at Coast Mountain Brewing Tap House. It’s located directly next to Forged Axe. You will enjoy your beer quasi in the brewery. They have a lot of different beer types, where everybody will find their taste.
It’s a very good atmosphere and a good way to support the locals.

Coast Mountain Brewing Whistler

Frisbee golf:

Whistler has a lot of big golf courses, but the most unique and fun experince, you will get at Whistler Disc Golf. It’s like golf, just, that you throw a disk at a metal basket. You throw through the woods with a lot of elevation changes. There are a few long wide open wholes and some wodden shots.
If you get convinced from disk golf, you should definetly try the U disk app, to discover new courses and keep track of your stats.

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It’s directly at the Riversite Campground and a ten minute wlak from the parking lot to the course.

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