Car service in Function Junction and car wash in Whistler

Car Wash:

At the Husky gas station in Whistler Creekside you can vacuum your van and get a carwash, if you have a small van up to 6-7 feet.
For all the big bao van cruisers the next carwash is the Sea to Sky Car wash in Squamish.
If you’re heading to Vancouver and you want to clean your van before you arrive, I would recommend to stop in Squamish. This is because in Vancouver there are only a few self car wash stations, most of which take very long to get to, caused by all of the traffic.

Sea to Sky Car Wash Squamish

Car Service in Function Junction:

Function Junction is an industrial area in Whistler.Here you will find plenty of auto repair shops and shops for auto parts, but also activities like axe throwing, beer testing, coffee and hipster shops, art galleries, bike and ski shops like Chromag or Suspension Werx Services.
So, there are two reasons, why you are in Function Junction, either you want to have fun or your van, bike or ski equipment needs a service.

If this is the case, it is important to know, that the auto repair shops get most of their auto parts from the same shop – from Lordco.
That means that also you can order the parts there and fix your car yourself – if you are able to (Youtube is great help here). The Lorco employes are very helpful to find the right parts for your car.

But that also means that all the repair shops pay pretty much the same price for the parts.
I experienced that they often want to fool you and wan’t to make the most money.
So you can always check the prices at the Lordco store.
They all have a lot to do and don’t really care, if they lose you as a customer.

This is just my perssonal experinece I made. I needed to change my alternator. We contacted Robs Autoshop and they were unfriendly and unreliable. They promised to change the alternator in the next two days, but they didn’t even start. This is why we cancelled the assignment and gave our van to SMD Automotive Ltd. They were nice and on time, but also we’re not that transparent with the prices.

There are many good, but also many bad reviews for auto repair shops on Google, which could indicate that it is an employee problem. This means that depending on the employee, you either have good or bad experiences.
I would recommend to just trying a garage and make sure not to get ripped off. All have approximately the same wages, some are more expensive, some are cheaper. You should calculate with a price of $150 per hour.

But if you are in Function Junction to have fun, you should check the best Activities you can do in Whistler.

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