Best free wifi spots

If you are travelling and need a place to work or just wifi for uploading a video for example, there a serveral locations you could go to. These are my top free Wifi Spots and tools how to find free wifi in vanlife:

Wifi map for free Wifi in Vanlife

The best way to find free wifi in vanlife is Wifi Map. There are a lot of tools, that help you find free wifi spots in your city. They work in a way that People and businesses manually add the free wifi spots to the tools and you end up with a huge collection of spots. They also show you passwords of closed wifis. My favorite tool is
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Local coffee shop

The probably most popular place with free wifi is Starbucks, but not only Starbucks has free wifi. Nearly every coffee shop offers free wifi nowadays. Working in a coffee shop can be very comfortable if you find a nice place. You can stay for a long time and you are provided with coffee, that keeps you awake. They are often very loud, so bring your headphones if you want to be uninterrupted.

Hotel lobbies for free Wifi in Vanlife

Hotel lobbies of big hotels are very comfortable. Most of the time, they will only offer free wifi for their guest, but sometimes they also do for everyone. If they don’t you should always ask them for an access key, with a good story you will probably get one.


All the big fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, A&W and co. offer free wifi. It depends, what you need the wifi for, but most of these places are not made to work there for a long time. They are very loud, they smell of fat and are very busy. Normal Restaurants are a good alternative for them. Most of the time they also offer free wifi, if you don’t come at a very busy time, you can stay there very long and have a way better atmosphere.

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