Keep your van clean

Living in a van on very limited space can very quickly lead to chaos. This checklist should prevent chaos:

Get rid of everything you don’t need.

You probably have a number of items in your van, you actually don’t use.
How do you know if you really won’t need this item in the future?
If you can’t remember, that you still have this item when you find it, you will never use it, get rid of it. Also if you think that it could be very handy one day, you will probably never use it.

Everything needs its place

All of your stuff should have its place. Because if not, you will end up throwing everything, that has no place into a corner.
Boxes are the solution to that. Put your cloth in boxes, put all your camping gear in boxes, put your tools in boxes, make a box for everything, that doesn’t fit into any of the other boxes. Make sure that the things you will need often are easy to reach.
This way not only everything is organized and has its place, but also nothing flys around while you are driving.

Boxes for your Van on Amazon

Boxes for your Van on Amazon

Be consistent

You need to put all the things, back to their places after you used them. So, in the end, it’s up to you, if you can keep it tidy. If you notice that you frequently don’t put items back to the place they belong, you should find a new place for them, some spot or box, that is easier to reach.

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