Get shit done. Find showers, bathrooms and lakes

If you don’t have a shower or a bathroom in your van, you need to get creative. But in Whistler there are so many options, where you can get shit done. I can say from experience, that this will never be a problem. So here are the best ways to find showers in Vanlife:

Bathroom options and tips:

Whistler village has a lot of public bathrooms, which can be very helpful if you are around the village. However often they are not the cleanest. In restaurants and hotels, you will find a much quieter and cleaner spot.

If you are not around the village you will find a bathroom in gas stations, grocery stores, other stores, coffee shops, (fast food)restaurants, or in the deep forest.

In an absolute emergency, if you don’t have any other option around you, you can use the toilett gadget.

If you never heard of this portable you should also check out the other cool camping gadgets on our site.

Find Showers options and tips for Vanlife:

The area of Whistler has a big advantage, that you can find a lake or river everywhere you are in less than 10 minutes. In these, you can take a bath to get clean and refreshed.

However, you should not use normal shower gel in these, because it is not good for the aquatic life, also the lakes are a water source for drinking water in this region and should be kept clean. Normally a bath without shower gel will clean sweat and smell. So, if you take a real shower once or twice during the week and take a bath in one of the lakes the other days of the week, you will always be clean.

Lost Lake is one of the smaller lakes and in the summer is not too cold. There are also outdoor showers, where you can shower with soap, and there are even are bathrooms, garbage cans, and water dispensers.

At the Riversite Campground, you can walk in and get a real shower, even if you don’t stay there. It costs $1 CAD for 6 minutes, but the campground is locked during the night.

At the Meadowpark Sports Center up at Green Lake, you can go to the public pool and enjoy your shower there.

Even better are the hotel pools in Whistler. In some hotels, you can pay to use the spa area, which is normally only for hotel guests.
I also heard from a friend that some of the hotel guests let you in the spa area, if you tell them, that you forgot your key card. So, if the cold lakes and rivers are not an option for you, chilling in the hot jacuzzi might be more convincing.

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