Top Camping Gadgets

Portable Power Station – Never run out of power again

An extra backup battery is always a good investment. Especially, if you are running on solar power,
because on cloudy days or on short days in the winter, you might run low on power. Then this ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station might come in handy to save energy on your internal electricity circle, so that you can still use your water pump, lights or whatever else you have included in that circle.

You can use the external battery to charge your phone, computer or plug in any other consumer.
It has a capaticity of 1000500 mAh and 372Wh. You can use devices with up to 300W,
which means you probably also don’t need your inverter to use most of your devices. This particular battery also has some very nice special features like:

-wireless charging
-15W fast charging
-USB C Output to charge a MacBook
-AirPower App to controll it
-Input to connect your external solar pannel to charge

One nice other advantage of this battery is that you can use it to brdige the battery of your car.

JetBoil Camping Cooker – Boil water in 100 seconds

The Jetboil camping cooker, is the best camping cooker to boil any liquid fast. It can boil 0.5l of water in 100 seconds. Materials and structure of the boiler are optimized to be as efficient as possible.
It’s very compact and small, which makes it also nice to put in the backpack for a hiking trip.

However, you can also use it in the kitchen to boil your pasta water in the most efficient way and there even is adapter to use a big gas tank.

Portable Beamer – Watch movies anywhere

The XGIMI MoGo is the perfect movie theater for your van and camping. It’s a portable beamer, with a 2.5 hour video playtime.
It has a Harman Kardon Sound System, which is functional. It also runs on AndroidTv, which means that you can stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime, if you connect to a Wifi HotSpot. It has an extra camera for the autofocus, which works very good, so that you always have a clear image.

With this beamer you can watch movies anywhere you want. You can stream on the side of your van, on the top of a mountain, at the lake, or in your tent or van.

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