Overnightstaying, campsites, streetspots and secret sleeping spots.

Whistler has two main campsites (Riversite RV Resort & Campground and Whistler RV Park)

These have a comfort level over 9000: You have showers, bathroom, water, electricity, wifi, and activities like beach volleyball or golf.
You also get the advantage that you can stay as long as you pay at the same spot, so you can build up your camp and don’t need to put your camping chairs away every night.
Yet, you need to pay for this comfort, depending on the season, vehicle length and park position. It costs between $60 and $340 dollars per night. You also need to make a reservation very early, if you want to stay in the peak season, because they get booked out very fast.

For most, who live in a van and don’t need electricity and water every night this makes no sense.

At the first appearance it seems to be very hard to find a sleeping spot for the night in whistler.
At all the big parking lots and most of the other parking spots, like for example at lost lake,
overnight parking is either completly forbidden or parking is allowed but sleeping and camping is forbidden.
The main reason for that is the wildlife in whistler, which could bring campers in danger.

There still are a couple of spots, where you can stay, because it is allowed to stay everywhere on the roadsite.
Take a look at the map, where you can find the best spots for the night marked green.

On these roadside spots you either can park for unlimited time or you need to move during the day, which is not bad, because you can drive to one of the beautiful lakes or do some of the activities during the day.

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